Pregnancy Must-Haves

Hi mamas!

It was my hope to get this out while pregnant, but better late than never. I feel like that’s going to be a common phrase out of my mouth until Dallas goes to college…lol. Here are some products that I couldn’t live without during my pregnancy. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Some of these were trial & error but I’d also found them through forums on the internet & friends, so don’t be afraid to shop & ask around.

In addition to these items, this is what I found helpful throughout the pregnancy:

Ovia App + BabyCenter and/or What to Expect app – I used Ovia to get pregnant, and then switched to the other two apps so I could get an update about Dallas’ growth each week. I’m a huge nerd and love to research, so getting these weekly updates really fed my soul! (: I loved seeing the miracle grow in action. And, as an FYI, you don’t need to buy the What to Expect book. The app is truly all of the same information without feeling pressure to read a whole book!

A journal – write down how you feel each week/what’s happening in your life. This will be sweet to look back on one day, and maybe even give to your nugget one day.

A chiropractor that specializes in pregnancy & newborns – I started seeing Courtney after 16 weeks. My back was KILLING ME. Her practice is amazing and her hands are magic. It is so relaxing and soothing in there. (: She specializes in connecting you & the baby’s central nervous systems. I know it may sound a little “woowoo”, but I truly believe Dallas and I had a great pregnancy because of her!

Babymoon and/or date nights – TAKE THEM. Our Babymoon plans were thwarted due to COVID, but make sure to make time for your husband, just the two of you. Connecting is so important!

Prenatal massage(s) – I was able to get three throughout my pregnancy and I’m so thankful. Hands down, the best was at The Adolphus. Maybe it was because I wasn’t as far along, or maybe she was just so talented, but my hips were KILLING me and she really just knew how to dig in there! Don’t be shy – ask for what you need. I also loved getting pedicures, but be sure to not have them massage so hard until you’re in the 3rd trimester (ask your doctor).

When it comes to food – try to eat healthy, but also don’t shame yourself or get down on yourself if you eat like a 5 year old. Your body is amazing and is working overtime to create your miracle, so give yourself grace. Even if after you give birth you don’t feel like your normal self, just think about what your body did. Hopefully you will have a greater appreciation for yourself and will be kind to you. Just think about it – you created life! If you’ve got some love handles from it, don’t sweat it. (:

Share below what helped you in your pregnancy!

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