Coffee coffee coffee

Ahhh, my favorite time of day: coffee. Wait, I mean morning. There’s nothing I love more than the smell of coffee in my kitchen as the morning sun seeps into my home. Okay, maybe I love my son WAY more than that, but you get the point. I NEED coffee to love someone WAY MORE than I love coffee. Make sense? No? Okay, moving on.

There’s something so special about making a cup in the morning, especially when you have a cute mug to use. I’ve compiled a few of my favorite mugs out there right now (yes, you know I’ve also found The Real Housewives references on Etsy…boy, could I spend some money there!) and I just may have to clean out our own cabinet to make room for a few of these cuties. Before you know it my husband will be drinking out of Dorinda’s “Not well, b*tch!” instead of his usual work branded mug. LOL!

As a new mom, it’s the little things. If spending $15 on a mug that you’ll use every morning can make your day shine just a little brighter, or make you feel like more than just a milk machine, I say do it. You deserve it, momma. (;

(I also never thought I’d refer to someone as ‘momma’ but here I am…motherhood changes things.)

Most you can find are on my LiketoKnowIt page, but for the ones I couldn’t link, here they are below!

The French Perle Bead Mug ($15.95) – ah, this Lenox cutie is just so sweet. And, they’re having A BIG CHRISTMAS IN JULY SALE right now! If you use the code HOLLY, you get 25% off sitewide. You also get free shipping if you spend $75+.

The French Perle Cup & Saucer ($34.95) – this is the same thing, except IT COMES WITH THE MOST PRECIOUS SAUCER YOU EVER DID SEE! Don’t forget to use that code!

Vertuo Coffee Mugs with Spoons, set of 2 ($39) – I don’t know what it is, but I am a sucker for clear coffee mugs. If I were you, I wouldn’t purchase yours through Amazon. Been there done that and it was just a waste. I LOVE our Breville Vertuo Nespresso machine and while I don’t have these, they are certainly calling my name. And the spoons! You’ll feel like you’re in Europe with this cute combo!

And without further ado, here are more of my favorites that you can find on my LiketoKnowIt page.


(Can we say that when we drink coffee?)

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