Newborn Necessities

Welcome to parenthood! There’s spit up in your hair, you haven’t showered nor slept, you can’t finish a meal, but oh my goodness…nothing compares to holding and caring for your little love. You truly can’t imagine life any other way. To think of all of your days before they arrived when you had no idea what was coming…wow – there are no words!

I won’t lie. The newborn phase (mostly the first three weeks) really rocked me emotionally. My heart broke when my good friend, a postpartum nurse, said, “I think you have the baby blues.” WHAT?! How?! I used to hardcore JUDGE women who had so many negative emotions after having a baby. I would think, “Why are you so sad? You just had a baby! The best joy in the world! You should be so lucky! Some women can’t even have kids!” And oh man, was I wrong. Lol! You cry tears and have emotions that you can’t even control because your hormones are so uncontrollable. I can share more on that later, but for now, here are some items I rounded up that we couldn’t have lived without in those first few weeks/months with a newborn! Pop a comment below & let me know what you love whether on this list or not!

  • Halo sleepsacks – some love the Ollie swaddle, and while I went on a wild goose chase myself to find one since they sold out due to the pandemic, Dallas (of course) hated being swaddled. We have used a sleepsack since day 1 & it’s worked wonderfully for us! Word to the wise: listen to the experts, listen to everyone’s advice, but then do what works for your family. Now that Dallas is 6 months, I moved him into a Kyte sleepsack.
  • Boppy pillow – I brought this to the hospital with me & I’m so glad I did! Dallas has used this since day 1. It’s basically an appendage to me now. I love that you can take the cover off to wash.
  • HAAKA + Lansinoh manual breast pump for on the go – the HAAKA is great for the first nursing sesh in the morning. It’s such an easy pump and also easy to take on the go.
  • Earth mama nipple butter – just get this. Bottom line. Lol!
  • Bras
    • Bravado – if you have an Elvie or Willow pump, these are great; they’re snug but still comfy
    • Kindred Bravely – these are more of a padded sports bra style; I definitely wear these the most. If I were you, I’d size down.
    • Target brand with no pads – I sleep in these every night and in the first few months, the Kindred Bravely pads were glued to me as well!
  • Waist belt (ask the hospital for one – they just gave me mine) – this is like a waist trainer for your body to get all sucked back in. The way my nurse described it to me, it almost acts as your core since, especially if you had a C-section, you have no core anymore! Yikes! That was a hard pill for me to swallow. I wore this waist belt day and night for about 3 weeks. I think it helped me SO much.
  • Fabletics leggings – when I didn’t think I needed the belt anymore, I moved on to some snug leggings. They made me feel better about myself, plus, you look cute doing it!
  • Water wipes – I love the simple ingredients.
  • Aqua scale – this is so helpful to gauge baby’s weight in the first few weeks; plus, it’s a tiny area to give baby a bath in, which I think as a new parent you’ll find comforting!
  • Fisher Price swing – do yourself a favor and GET THIS ASAP! This is how I got anything done in those first few weeks and how Logan and I were able to have peaceful dinners.
  • Zipper onesies (but it’s really not that big of a deal) – Hanna Andersson pjs are amazing!
  • Comotomo Bottles – these are D’s favorite. Apparently they are as close to a boob as you can get…lol. But if your baby goes on a bottle strike like mine did, good luck!

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